NorQuest Social Work students – successful praticum

All five of the NorQuest social work students, three first year and two second year, completed their block practicum  (work placement) in Arequipa. Three of the students were at La Cuna Jardin Corazon de Jesus and worked with teachers in the two, four and five year old rooms. They also helped with the older children who attended the homework club after the end of their school day. School in Peru begins earlier than in Canada and usually ends early afternoon

The other two students were at IRID and assisted the teachers in the classroom in the mornings, helped with feeding the children at lunch time and in the afternoon provided support to the children in the home centre.

In addition to their placement and studying Spanish, the students visited some of the cultural sites in Arequipa, and also on the weekends visited some of the main tourist sites: Nazca, Puno and the Colca Canyon. After the practicum ended several of the students stayed in Peru to visit Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Scared Valley.

Aisha Oboh, SUPC Vice-Chair, who completed her practicum in Arequipa in 2011, came to Arequipa  for the last three weeks of the practicum to assist in providing information and support to the students based on her experience of doing a practicum with IRID