Visit to Cuna Jardin Corazon de Jesus

Tracy and I visited the Cuna Jardin to talk with the Director both about current activities with the children, and parents and about the three NorQuest College students who will be doing their practicum at the Cuna this coming Spring. The Cuna is accepting students for the upcoming school year -beginning in March. Most of the children are from female headed single parent families, many of these mothers work periodically in contract positions, making it difficult to budget and to meet all their financial needs. They realize though the importance of care and education for their children and often travel for two hours to reach the Cuna before starting their job.

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Pictures from visit to Instituto de Rehabilitación Integral del Discapacitado (IRID)



Tracy and I visited IRID last week and noticed the many changes – more play equipment for the children and new spaces for the different therapies the children receive.

As well, work has begun to develop the adjoining field into a garden.

The Director and staff are looking forward to having the NorQuest social work students who will be doing their practicum at IRID this Spring.

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